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Hello All,
I sure did miss communicating with all of you. I am back! I put a couple pictures on my flickr account for you to see the living conditions and what not. Some of us were fortunate enough to sleep in huge tin buildings with about 150 cots in them; the rest lived in tents. It was quite the stressful and intense training, but well worth it. I am so so happy it’s done though. I never thought I would be so happy to be back at Camp Shelby.
As you can see by the beautiful picture, I no longer have 1 of my teeth. Not only does it make me look super sexy, but I have a lisp now that really makes me look and sound like I belong down here. (no offense to any southerns reading this). So, during ‘organized pt’/football I collided with another soldier’s shoulder and jammed my lower jaw. I lost the tooth and pulled forward all my lower front teeth. I was brought to the orthopedic surgeon today who wired my lower jaw to pull some of those teeth back since my mouth doesn’t close correctly, and I can’t bit down. They pulled the rest of the broken tooth, and I should be getting a temporary replacement on the 3rd. By temporary I mean a 1 year filler. They call it a flipper tooth, which I think is a pretty horrible name for tooth they are going to make me wear until I get home. Pretty cool. So, when I get home I will get a post put in my jaw and a ‘real’ fake tooth put in. I may need braces eventually too. We’ll see.
I am not sure it I am cut out for the south, my body sure is revolting given the errupted ovarian cist in D
ec and now this thing. This liquid diet just isn’t cutting it either.
I am going to get my stuff organized and start reading the 50 emails I have. Thank you all for keeping in touch. I am looking forward to the emails!
I can’t say how much longer I am going to be here, but Sean will be coming down the 9th of March – yahoo!! I don’ thave my next address yet, but will let you know when I do. I will have to pass that one around by letter, Sean and mom. It’s not one I can post on this.
I love you all!!

February 23, 2006 - Posted by | Iraq Deployment

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