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This site is to keep connected to my friends and family. Since returning home from Iraq there are many changes, many things to learn and adapt to, but also many beginnings. This is our opportunity to start new. I am so happy to be home and am thankful for my extremely supportive friends and family. I hope to keep you updated on the new lives we are living. To the future……



  1. This is why this site was created in the first place:

    Becky Danaher is not home right now. Instead, she is preparing her mind, body and soldiers for the upcoming deployment to Iraq. This site was created to allow her friends and family to communicate with her – no matter how many miles apart.

    Becky is a fun loving young lady, who was recently married to the love of her life, Sean. Sean and their dog, Bailey, are anxiously awaiting her return.Thankfully, she and Sean are surrounded by a strong support group. The amount of love their friends and family have shown is incredible. Becky and Sean are forever grateful for their kindness.

    Becky is also a newly promoted buyer at the Target Corporate office in downtown Minneapolis. This exciting position, as well as all her supportive co-workers also await her return.

    This site is for family and friends, as well as Becky, to keep updated with upcoming events, stories, pictures and brilliant thoughts. Becky will communicate via this site as much as possible. Note, she is unable to communicate specifics about her mission, but will keep everyone posted as much as possible about her personal well being.

    Comment by Becky | February 16, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hi Becky. My name is Becky Danaher too (well, Rebecca Danaher actually). I live in Vermont and just stumbled upon your blog site! It’s nuts that another Becky Danaher exists out there. Take Care, be easy and stay safe over there.

    Comment by Becky Danaher | August 26, 2008 | Reply

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