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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

There once was a dog named Bailey,

If left alone she will wail-hee.

She’s awfully sweet;

I’m sure you will meet;

We’re thankful for our beagle daily.

Have a Lucky Day!

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O’Connell Family to Run Marathon and Not Even Know It

Our 5K PhotoWhat? you say. How can this be? Its tradition in the O’Connell Family (Sean’s Mom’s side) to run a 5K the morning before a family wedding. In February, at Kelly and Adam’s wedding, we ran our 8th Wedding Day 5K. At 3.1 miles/ 5K, we are at 24.8 miles. We have only 1.42 miles to go before the big 26.2 miles of a marathon. It will have only taken us about a decade, but who’s counting? Still, impressive if you ask me.

It a tradition I have come to love. It takes on a totally different animal when its your wedding and your stressed out day already (picture is of our 5K). However, it does have so many benefits. It gets you going, its a fun way to start the day, its a challenge and is an incentive for everyone to get into a little better shape. Oh, not to mention the awesome T-shirt, designed by the bride and groom, that tells everyone “I ran the Wedding Day 5K”.

How do I ensure never to get involved in this crazy tradition? Well, don’t accept to be apart of the wedding party and don’t you, or your immediate family marry into the O’Connell Family. However, for those that didn’t run ours… don’t know what you are missing.


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Innocent Girl Pied at Thanksgiving Dinner

A Face Full of Pie

None of the Moody family can say this Thanksgiving was boring. Although most of our family events aren’t ‘normal’, the pieing was a first. After the traditional candle-blowing and Polarode picture taking from grandma, the evening took a new twist when my aunt Carole pied me. That’s right, just like on TV when the unsuspeciting, innocent bystander turns the other way to get a face full of pie.

Don’t worry though, there was revenge, and it was sweet. Sorry to say the Ronsberg’s living room wasn’t as clean as it had started, but boy was it fun.

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Welcome to the world David Michael

This entry is overdue, but wanted to let all of you know I am an aunt again. Bob and Tracey had their baby, David Michael. Abby is the proud big sister.
He is so cute and is receiving all the attention he deserves. CONGRATULATIONS Bob and Tracey!

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Welcome Amanda….Congrats to you and Mike

Mike and Amanda are engaged!!!!
So, when you leave the country for two years, things change, babies are born, couples get married, and new people enter your life.
Amanda, my brother Mike’s fiance is one of those new people.
She and Mike met while I was gone and am so happy she is apart of our lives now. They are so happy together.
Check out Mike & Amanda’s Wedding Site
Congratulations you two!

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To My Grandma Gerboth, with Love Always

If you haven’t heard, last week my Grandma Gerboth passed away.
I wasn’t going to write about this, being it is personal, and I was still dealing with my emotions. However, I realized this is my main form of communication to those I love at home, those I care about, and those that care about me.
It was difficult to hear, think about, and go through the emotions here being a soldier, at war, 24 hrs a day. However, I do have some great people here who care about me an aweful lot, so know I am taken care of on this end. I know there is a lot of situations here where soldiers have to mourn those lost; I do, however, feel it’s really hard to deal with a lost one at home because I am not grieving and mourning with family.
So, without going into the sad details, I would like to share with you a letter I wrote the day I heard of grandma’s death.
Perhaps it’s too personal, but I need to share the great memories that I will hold in my heart forever.

Today I found out you are no longer at home,
which brings on a sadness I have never known before.
This means, however, you have moved on from this world
and are in heaven, where you have prepared your life to go.

Grandma, thank you for the great times.
Thank you for teaching me through your actions
how to be a loving, caring, fun person.

Here’s to the late night sleepovers with Jessica,
to teaching me how to play Dominoes (the right way),
to the crazy dress up sessions,
to the “I love you more” competition on your refrigerator,
and so much more.

Thank you for the support and love you gave through your letters.
I have missed you for two years, and now I carry you in my heart.
Thank you for coming to watch over me.

Your Granddaughter,
Love Always,

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Live Well….Love Much…Laugh Often

I was going to write this in an attempt to update everyone on the ‘goings-on’ at home. However, you are there; I am here, and you probably know more than me. There has been a lot of big news from home, and many of you don’t always chat with each other so here goes.I did report on Bob and Tracey’s baby before. Mom says they should know if it’s a girl or boy soon. Abby must be so excited.
The other large piece of news is the upcoming weddings. I am hesitant to blog news right away because it doesn’t allow the party involved to spread the good news personally. I think it’s been enough time.
Paddy is engaged! I am so so so happy for her. Kevin, this wonderful man I have yet to meet, proposed. It’s such a great thing.
Also, the O’Connell side of the family is new owners of a cabin, up near Taylor’s Falls, on the WI side. Yahoo! A cabin in the family is going to be a blast. My boss here used to live up in that area and says the lake its on is really nice.

The other big news – Steve is engaged to Katie. That news was announced to the family a little while ago. I don’t know a lot of those plans, but I am happy for them.

My cousin Jennifer had her baby – Jane Ayla is so cute and looks just like her mommy. Anne and Brett are getting married soon. Kelly and Adam have moved to Ohio. Casey and Renee had there First Communions. Ellamay is born to Pat and Merri. Grandma and Grandpa O’Connell have a new home. Abby, Paul and Alex have a new home in Stillwater. Mary should be graduating college this spring. Casey and Sarah are graduating from law school. And, Sean and Ben are running their 24 hour race at the beginning of June.

I want to take a minute to reflect on some very strong women I know. They have been through, are going through, and have ahead of them some rough times. Colleen, Maureen and Rhonda, my thoughts and prayers are with you. May you find strength in yourself, God, and those around you and live life to the fullest with each and every day.

Everything at home continues, and overall things have been good; growing, healing, loving and new birth. Coming home will be fun. In my head I think I believe time stood still for 2 years, but in fact it’s moving faster than I every remembered. A wise woman once told me the speed of time goes by relative to your age: at 5 its 5 mph, at 20 its 20 mph, and at 50 its cruising pretty darn fast. So, turn up the jamming music, put your arms in the air, and enjoy every second.

And although this doesn’t compare to the other big news above, it’s still exciting – Sean and I now have central air. Yahoo!!

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Congrats Bob and Tracey!

Bob and Tracey have announced they are having another baby.
While their last baby is no longer a baby, but a beautiful, active, bright young lady, the new addition is a blessing.
I am so happy for them and am excited for the new arrival.

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A Beautiful Wedding

Mom and Dick’s Wedding
Originally uploaded by beckydanaher.

Mom’s wedding was everything she wanted. It was a spiritual bonding between two people who are in love with each other. All their friends and family were present to celebrate in their happiness. It was great. She even let me do her hair and makeup – oh was she beautiful. Dick too, but I think men prefer ‘handsome’. I gave a speach to the newly weds – made it pretty much all they way through without crying. By Moody standards that is damn good.
The whole family was involved in the wedding – and oh can Bob sing. It was really something. You should go hear him sing at church if you get the chance. I wish I could have before the wedding.
I really feel lucky to have such a close family that can be open with their feeling and show their love openly.
Ok, so this blog is getting a little deep – Here is a typical photo of Sean and myself. Cheesy , but why not.

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