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We have returned from our grand adventure to CA with our friends Tina, Casey and Ben. Casey’s family hosted us (for the 3rd year) up at their cabin, approximately 4 hours north of San Fran. Casey’s mom (Barbro), dad (Bill) and sister (Linnea), joined us for our stay.

This year was a little busier than previous (last year I was obviously not there). We started out by eating Pho at a Vietnamese restaurant in Berkeley, on our way up Friday night. Saturday we spent a great day on the river (swimming, jumping off the rope swing, etc.) and eating Barbro’s delicious food.

Sunday we did a bit of shopping (I bought a new purse) and then we hiked around Castle Lake to the beach on the far side. From there we swam across the lake (further than I have ever swam) in order to jump from the cliffs. This was about a 30-40 ft jump. It reminded me of the good ‘ole Talyor’s Falls cliff jumping days – I did NOT trip and belly flop this time.

The next day we climbed the ‘dome’. It was a 3 mile hike up the mountain, and a scarier climb to the very top. This picture is from the top; you can see Mount Shasta in the background. Tina and Ben are there in spirit (we don’t have a picture of the entire gang from this year). The scariest part is the flat surface you have to climb over that drops off the side of the mountain…, ensure you have a good grip and a boatload of confidence.

The last full day we went to Sims (Simms). Its another area of the river where we swam, jumped from lower distances, and soaked up the rays.

We spent more time working out this year than before. There were runners in the morning, walkers in the morning and night and even a few circuits were being done. What a fit crew. Before we got on the plane, we stopped for some authentic, yummy burritos downtown San Fran – good call Linnea.

A few other random notes:
We missed the Axners A LOT!
We now all have our own Patronus’s (Otter, Horse, Koala Bear, Coyote, Puma and Owl).
Ben’s head is just fine, although his stomach always needs filling.
And, we should go back to ‘lay more puzzle’ soon.
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