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O’Connell Family to Run Marathon and Not Even Know It

Our 5K PhotoWhat? you say. How can this be? Its tradition in the O’Connell Family (Sean’s Mom’s side) to run a 5K the morning before a family wedding. In February, at Kelly and Adam’s wedding, we ran our 8th Wedding Day 5K. At 3.1 miles/ 5K, we are at 24.8 miles. We have only 1.42 miles to go before the big 26.2 miles of a marathon. It will have only taken us about a decade, but who’s counting? Still, impressive if you ask me.

It a tradition I have come to love. It takes on a totally different animal when its your wedding and your stressed out day already (picture is of our 5K). However, it does have so many benefits. It gets you going, its a fun way to start the day, its a challenge and is an incentive for everyone to get into a little better shape. Oh, not to mention the awesome T-shirt, designed by the bride and groom, that tells everyone “I ran the Wedding Day 5K”.

How do I ensure never to get involved in this crazy tradition? Well, don’t accept to be apart of the wedding party and don’t you, or your immediate family marry into the O’Connell Family. However, for those that didn’t run ours… don’t know what you are missing.


February 17, 2008 - Posted by | Family

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  1. Welcome back and thanks for your sevice. I saw an article on you in todays Startribune. Please look at the Minnesota Veterans Advocacy Group’s website. If you want to do something for the 1000s of women living in Minnesota who are and have served thier country. This would be a great way to do it.

    We are very small now, but have helped about 3 people a month. We are starting to grow. Lets talk. You will find my info on the website.


    Comment by Brian P. Sinykin | November 14, 2010 | Reply

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