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The Girls at Their Best

The Girls at Their Best Originally uploaded by beckydanaher.

Happy New Year!

My friends threw a spectacular new years eve party. We ate, drank and did some things I won’t mention in this blog. Sean and I took many photos and videos of the evening. It’s great to have those here – to be able to see and hear my friends living it up. Plus, then I can watch Rebecca’s speaches over and over. 🙂
Sarah and Jeff were gracious enough to let us stay at their home; most of the gang spent the night. The dogs had a great time also: Hank, Cheddar and Bailey. Abby and Paul even brought little Alex. What a doll. It’s hard to imagine that so much will have changed by the time I get home – friends getting married, babies being born and babies growing up. I am going to rely on all of you to keep me updated. Pictures, pictures, pictures!

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A Beautiful Wedding

Mom and Dick’s Wedding
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Mom’s wedding was everything she wanted. It was a spiritual bonding between two people who are in love with each other. All their friends and family were present to celebrate in their happiness. It was great. She even let me do her hair and makeup – oh was she beautiful. Dick too, but I think men prefer ‘handsome’. I gave a speach to the newly weds – made it pretty much all they way through without crying. By Moody standards that is damn good.
The whole family was involved in the wedding – and oh can Bob sing. It was really something. You should go hear him sing at church if you get the chance. I wish I could have before the wedding.
I really feel lucky to have such a close family that can be open with their feeling and show their love openly.
Ok, so this blog is getting a little deep – Here is a typical photo of Sean and myself. Cheesy , but why not.

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Home for the Holidays

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Christmas was a blast. I had so much fun seeing everyone. I gave about a thousand hugs and cried many tears, but was a great holiday season. There was so much to do with Christmas, New Years and Mom’s wedding. The great part is that I got to see everyone. It was wonderful spending time with Sean and Bailey. We tried to chill as much as possible, but was difficult. It did go by so quickly. Perhaps that is a sign that this whole deployment is going to just fly by. Cross your fingers. I am going to report that C.Shelby is no different then when I left it. Thought you may with to know. – hang’n in there.

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