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All is Good

Hello Everyone,
Things are good on this end.
Sandy, windy, sunny, hot. We have had some really great training and are excited for our next move. It’s amazing how many places sand can get into. There’s just no getting rid of it. I use a lot of compressed air to remove it from equipment, but it finds it’s way into the strangest places.
I’ll be sending out my next address out soon. I am very excited to be able to communicate with you more frequently. It sucks not getting mail almost everyday. I think I was quite spoiled before.
I hope all is going well at home. I sure do miss all of you!

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New Orleans or Bust

Happy Couple
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Here we are in New Orleans and having a great time. We are staying a few blocks from Canal St., which intersects Burbon St. We have been walking all over, mostly around the French Quarter and even worked out today. This was much needed since most of our adventures here revolve around food. The food is great! Jambalaya, Gumbo, Crab Cakes, Fresh Shrimp….it’s all so wonderfully tasty, and let’s not forget the beignets from Cafe Du mond, powdered sugar everywhere.

We have also been driving the coastline from New Orleans to Bay St. Louis. We started taking some pictures, but had to stop. The mass devistation makes your heart drop deap into your stomach. It makes me feel so greatful for what I have. We bought fresh tamales (so good) from a man selling them at a stand where a town used to be. His house was distroyed in the hurricane and found his kitchen appliances several blocks from his home. He had just paid off his mortgage a couple week before the hurricane. There is still so much clean-up for this area.

I hope you do notice the full smile in this pictures. That’s right, no gap! I got my tooth on the 8th, the day before Sean got here. Thank goodness. But, in case you are still wonderiing – I can take it out at any point for practical jokes, scaring little kids, etc.

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“Toof” Update

Here’s the update on the tooth situation for all who wish to know. I was fitted for my tooth yesterday. They put the mold together and said I should have my retainer by the time Sean gets here. Thank goodness. I am pretty sure he would be horrified at what the south has turned his wife into. Just kidding. My lower teeth were looked at on the 1st. They made sure the brace that is holding those teeth together is still in place and the roots are taking hold and becoming stronger. So, I feel fine, still taking pain killers – just IB Profine at this point, which is much better on my stomach. In my attempt to relate to my little cousin, I have moved to solid foods. Yes, a big step. Although I still can’t eat anything with my front teeth, I am able to cut things up into tiny pieces and chew what I can. I don’t think I have ever before cut a burger and eatten it with a fork. So sophisticated.
Other than that, I am just counting down the days until I get to see Sean. He comes on the 9th and we will spend 4 days in New Orleans. I can’t believe it’s been that long since Christmas. Time is flying by.

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