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The Sweetest Place

Sweetbriar, CA. Its a vacation in the truest sense of the word. Its the type of vacation where you spend all day in your swimming suit, sitting in the sun, and deciding when to eat and then, when to eat again. We have been blessed in knowing Tina and Casey, being able to go to the cabin where Casey’s father grew up. Its the type of place where you spend all your time on the deck, you sleep in the open air, smell the fresh breeze and hear the spring water from the Sacramento River.

This year it was the whole clan: Ben, Trevor, Rebecca, Tina, Casey, Sean and me. We spent our time swimming for the most part. Sean ran every morning and covered over 50 miles of great terrain. We swam up the currents at Sims and jumped off the rocks. We even spent a day at Castle Lake. Its a serene place; the landscape is beautiful. We jumped off the huge cliffs, swam all around, hiked, and stopped by the fish hatchery on the way back. Usually we to into town (the smallest town). We ate a delicious Laotian Dinner, one of the top 10 in my book.

We spent a week there. Casey’s parents joined us for the weekend. We are fortunate enough to eat her yummy Swedish meals almost every night. We are so thankful the Becketts keep inviting us back. Everyone should have a Sweetbriar.

On the way back to San Fran to catch our flight we stopped at a sushi place and had some of the best sushi Iwehave ever had.

Check out Pictures by clicking on photos on the right or checking out photos from the Axners.


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Home for the Holidays

Work of Art

It was great to be home for the holidays this year. I definitely missed it. It’s amazing though, how many things have changed. Again, just a reminder how life goes on.

We celebrated at my uncle Terry and aunt Karen’s new house. It’s beautiful….and huge. It butts up against the Lake Elmo Park Reserve and has enough room to hold the entire Moody clan comfortably. Did I mention that it has an elevator, monster screen TV, pool and hot tub. And, it’s not just any pool, lest you forget this is my uncle that owns the pool company. I got ‘the show’ with colored lights, waterfall, jets, spouts of water, and the piped in music throughout the entire house. So, Sean and I enjoyed ourselves. However, when we got out of the pool…..most everyone else was gone. Oops. It was a lot of fun.

So, things have started to change. Also, this year was the first year without my grandma Gerboth here. Yet, I am sure she was here in spirit and looking down with smiles as the family adjusted. She is missed terribly.

One thing that hasn’t changed was the great gingerbread house tradition my high school girl friends and I started they year before I left. Thank you Sarah for making them, Abby for the tasty food and hosting, Carly…for the silver ball memory that I will never forget; I had a blast. Yes, we ate way too much sugar, but mixed with all that wine… was a great night.

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Off with the hair

No, it’s not a rat
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So, I cut off all my hair. I came back from Iraq with the longest hair I have ever had. With the absence of a great salon, like Juut, I just let it grow. I couldn’t bring myself to cut it all off when I got home, so I just got it styled. However, after almost three months I was so sick of getting it caught on things, getting it stuck under my purse, etc.
Off with the hair!
I went to Juut, downtown Minneapolis. I wasn’t even planning on donating my hair because I didn’t think I had enough. 10 inches is what it takes for Locks of Love. My stylist recommended it; however, it would mean taking off a few more inches than I had initially wanted. Take it!
When will I ever get this chance again.
I know there are many people who have done this: Tina, Luxmi, and many others….but I just felt so privileged to be able to give like that. It felt great. If you ever get the chance – I recommend it.
Here’s the website if you want to know more:

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Stillwater High School ’97: 10 Year Reunion

This last weekend I went to my 10 year high school reunion. I know, I can’t believe it either. I went through the whole; what to wear? will I remember people? will they remember me? But, it was so much more enjoyable than I had imagined.
There were 4 different events over a 2 day period. I went to the picnic on Saturday afternoon and to Brine’s restaurant Saturday night. Abby Dean (Brine) and I went together as Paul (her husband) was out of town. Oh, and we brought Alex, her adorable son, to the picnic. We met Ed and Carly for dinner between the two events – Mexican at Acapulco in Stillwater.
It was quite fun considering most of the people we hung out with in high school were at both events. Many of our friends brought their wives, husbands, kids (to the picnic, not the bar). It was a shock to see some friends with 3 kids, mostly because I am in a different part of my life, but fun to see our friends transformed into moms and dads.
There were many people who had been checking this site while I was gone. It was so nice to hear all the “welcome home”s and receive all the support. Thank you!
We really did graduate with a lot of bright, fun, caring people. I look forward to the next one….hopefully time won’t go by too fast in the meantime.

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Home again, home again, jiggidy jig

Soon enough I will be home again.
I know I am excited, but my brain just won’t let it turn that emotion on yet. I think it’s pretty smart because it’s been tricked before. I am not sure it will really sink in until I am on the plane, or actually in the states.
I wanted to at least give you an idea of what is going on for my new and improved home life, when I do arrive there. There are many adventures planned for Team Danaher (Sean and myself).
We are heading to CA with the Becketts and Ben the first week in Aug. Sean and I are going to Europe 21AUG through 7SEP (this will be over Sean’s birthday and our anniversary). Oh, if I haven’t told you, we plan to fly into Dublin, spending a few days in Ireland, then to London, to Amsterdamn, then the last week in Germany. YAHOO!!!!!
Besides these great adventures, we will be skydiving one of the days with the group, the daring, adventurous group. We will also be spending time at the O’Connell Family Cabin, swimming, having a great time. I am also planning time for the Axner cabin and a weekend in Madison. And…..Sean and I have our 10 year reunion in Aug, not to mention I would love to watch my fellow soldiers run the Twin Cities Marathon (not sure if Sean is running it this year).
This all seems like a lot, but I have so much to catch up on.
I will return to Target by October at the lastest. They have been a great supporter, and I will head in for a few days just to say hi and thank you before I start.
So, those are the big plans thus far. As more is set in stone…I’ll keep you informed.

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John Binkowski for Congress

Becky and Sean with the Candidate
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While on leave, I was privilaged enough to help campaign for our dear friend John Binkowski. John is running for Congress, District 6 – Independence Party. This is the district that many of our friends and family live in…hint hint.
John, Sean and I all went to high school together, and John also graduated from the University of Madison, WI – Go Badgers! Sean is John’s campaign manager and doing a great job. I am really impressed by what they have accomplished….I especially like their shirts…mostly because I got one. 🙂
I was able to join them in the campaigning at St. Cloud State’s Welcome Week. It was great to see both of them in action given it’s what they spend almost all their time doing these days. I know it’s difficult running as an Independence Party Candidate given there aren’t the set guidelines for running by a large party nor are there huge fund raising pots to dip into. But, I feel that makes John an even better candidate; he is real; he is not swayed by large companies giving money; and he’s one of us.
I believe in what John stands for and encourage you to vote in the upcoming election. It’s an important election and I challenge you to really look at all the issues and vote for the best candidate, not just on one specific topic, but the overall candidate and what he or she stands for. Voting is the best way to voice your opinion about what our government does or doesn’t do. And, thank you to those that have already supported John and his campaign by marching in parades, putting signs in your yards and donating money.
Check out John’s website for more info:

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R&R was GREAT!

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I am back from my leave and it was a wonderful vacation. The delight started on the plane ride into the Twin Cities. I saw colors I hadn’t in a long time. There were large pools of blue and spans of green that made me so happy to be home in MN. It took a few hours to get used to things; the fast pace of movement, the many things to look at and just being with my family again. Sean took me home from the airport and I just basked in the love of my family….and spent some time with my bare feet in the grass.

After a couple of days, Sean and I went up to Blue Fin Bay, just north of Duluth by Lutsen. We stayed there for almost a week in a great place overlooking Lake Superior, with whirlpool and fireplace. I would spend a lot of time just looking out the huge window overlooking the lake or sitting on the deck just enjoying the smells of outdoors. We went hiking, on a Gondola ride in Lutsen and ate a lot. One day, the gang even met us up there and we went hiking and swimming… Lake Superior. Sean ran up the 2nd highest peak in MN – very impressive, but not nearly as impressive as his 23 mile run later in the week. (He runs the Twin Cities Marathon Oct 1st).

After the great time up north, we went home to see the hound. I sure missed my dog, Bailey. We spent much time sitting together. It didn’t take her long to remember me…thank goodness. We were able to see family, as much as possible, and even did some campaigning for our dear friend John Binkowski (Independence Party, Congress, District 6). Sean is his campaign manager. We went to see the 2nd Pirates Movie, ate out and saw more family and friends.

It really was a great time at home. Thank you all for being so flexible with your schedules and thank you for coming out to see me. I received many wonderful phone calls while at home. I am sorry I couldn’t see all of you, but not too much longer and I’ll be home for good. I am so excited for that glorious day.

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New Orleans or Bust

Happy Couple
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Here we are in New Orleans and having a great time. We are staying a few blocks from Canal St., which intersects Burbon St. We have been walking all over, mostly around the French Quarter and even worked out today. This was much needed since most of our adventures here revolve around food. The food is great! Jambalaya, Gumbo, Crab Cakes, Fresh Shrimp….it’s all so wonderfully tasty, and let’s not forget the beignets from Cafe Du mond, powdered sugar everywhere.

We have also been driving the coastline from New Orleans to Bay St. Louis. We started taking some pictures, but had to stop. The mass devistation makes your heart drop deap into your stomach. It makes me feel so greatful for what I have. We bought fresh tamales (so good) from a man selling them at a stand where a town used to be. His house was distroyed in the hurricane and found his kitchen appliances several blocks from his home. He had just paid off his mortgage a couple week before the hurricane. There is still so much clean-up for this area.

I hope you do notice the full smile in this pictures. That’s right, no gap! I got my tooth on the 8th, the day before Sean got here. Thank goodness. But, in case you are still wonderiing – I can take it out at any point for practical jokes, scaring little kids, etc.

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The Girls at Their Best

The Girls at Their Best Originally uploaded by beckydanaher.

Happy New Year!

My friends threw a spectacular new years eve party. We ate, drank and did some things I won’t mention in this blog. Sean and I took many photos and videos of the evening. It’s great to have those here – to be able to see and hear my friends living it up. Plus, then I can watch Rebecca’s speaches over and over. 🙂
Sarah and Jeff were gracious enough to let us stay at their home; most of the gang spent the night. The dogs had a great time also: Hank, Cheddar and Bailey. Abby and Paul even brought little Alex. What a doll. It’s hard to imagine that so much will have changed by the time I get home – friends getting married, babies being born and babies growing up. I am going to rely on all of you to keep me updated. Pictures, pictures, pictures!

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Home for the Holidays

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Christmas was a blast. I had so much fun seeing everyone. I gave about a thousand hugs and cried many tears, but was a great holiday season. There was so much to do with Christmas, New Years and Mom’s wedding. The great part is that I got to see everyone. It was wonderful spending time with Sean and Bailey. We tried to chill as much as possible, but was difficult. It did go by so quickly. Perhaps that is a sign that this whole deployment is going to just fly by. Cross your fingers. I am going to report that C.Shelby is no different then when I left it. Thought you may with to know. – hang’n in there.

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