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First Triathlon, Loved It!

Danskin Triathlon 2008

Danskin Triathlon 2008

The Danskin Sprint Triathlon was a success. The Madison girls; Becky, Monica and I all finished the triathlon, and what a ride it was. If anyone was ever thinking about trying something like this I would highly recommend it.

The Danskin Triathlon was held in Pleasant Prairie, WI. This is a 6.5 hour drive from Minneapolis and almost in Chicago. This race consisted of a .5 mile swim, 12 mile bike and 3.2 mile run. I was very terrified of the swim as I am not a strong swimmer (actually a pretty poor swimmer). However, with the help of friends and Sean I was able to get up enough courage and practice to complete this challenge. Sean took me a few times to the lake to practice in the open water.

Although the race is very non competitive, anyone that knows me well enough is aware of my competitiveness. After I finished the swim, and it sunk in that I hadn’t drown, I was full speed ahead. The entire race took me 1 hour and 39 minutes (20 min swim, 46 min bike, 26 min run, plus transition times in between).

Thanks to Monica’s parents for hosting and feeding us. Also, a big thanks to her mom for waking us up the morning of the race, as we almost missed the race due to 3 alarms not going off for various reasons.

I look forward to the next one.

If you want to see a video of what it’s like check this YouTube video out. There are 3 parts to this video if you want to see it all. Oh, and please forgive the spandex, it’s the best outfit to race in, but not the best to watch.


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Grandma’s – a Personal Best!

Sean, post Grandma\'s He did it!

Sean ran Grandma’s Marathon last weekend and finished with his best time ever. Many of you have asked; he finished in 3 hrs and 45 minutes, which is over a minute better than his last marathon time (Twin Cities 07).

The race is run along the lake shore path. They start in Two Harbors and run the whole lake side down to Canal Park and finish a block from Grandma’s Restaurant, downtown Duluth. I dropped Sean off around 5 am the morning of the race, so he could get buses to the start line. The race didn’t start until 7:30, so I had some time to kill. It was a beautiful morning, so I walked around and took a few pictures (posted).

There isn’t a lot open that early in the morning. It reminded me of those military mornings when it’s just you and the world while everyone else is still sleeping. I was able to find the treasure of the morning – – a Carabou was open! That is where everyone (all the other spectators) were hiding. Oh, sweet coffee!

When it was time, I biked as far north as I could to see Sean. The path will only let you bike as far as the 22 mile marker (Lemon Drop Hill). I saw the first many racers come through. I really enjoy spectating. My aunts taught me well on this front. (spectating isn’t a word I guess). It’s odd cheering, as you have a few motivational phrases that you end up using over and over as you cheer for hours. To the runners it’s great, they only hear it once, but to those around you cheering….you sound like a broken record: “Great Job”; “Look’n Great Runners”; “You got it”, “Nice job Ladies”, “Way to Go Guys”.

I was in my grove, cheering for all these crazy runners who are running in one morning more than I bike in a week. It was hot and I had found a spot where there wasn’t anyone else, right before the large gatherings began. Then, I hear some yell my name. “Odd”, I thought, I thought I hear someone yell my name. “I’m not running”. It was Andy Johnson, a high school buddy of Sean and I. What a great surprise as I haven’t seen him in a long time. We cheered together and caught up a bit until Sean ran by.

He looks so relaxed when he runs that he makes it look so easy. Oh, I know its not, but he’s a natural. I was able to sprint on my bike to 2 more spots to see him before the finish line. I almost missed him at one; it was a close call.

Once finished, we traveled back to our hotel and relaxed and ate for the rest of the day. I think I had sympathy hunger as I ate as much as he did…..and I had not just run over 26 miles.

What’s next? Twin Cities is the plan, for the third time.

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Hobbl’n Along

Sean is now off his crutches. It was an interesting week as it was icy outside, which made hobbling on crutches that much more treacherous. He was coming home from the second leg of his 10 mile run (after 8 he comes home to pick up Bailey). It was out in the back alley where he slipped on an icy patch and fell on his leg (knee and ankle). Thank goodness he was so close to home because it was pretty bad. After having Nurse Paddy come over to take a look, we decided to head to urgent care for X-rays. They said it was a sprain, gave us an air cast and crutches, and sent us home.

It’s been over a week and he is now walking “limping” without the crutches and making progress. They said the most dangerous time after a sprain is the first week because people tend to re injure and make it recovery worse. His big concern is his training as he plans to run Grandma’s this year.

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My Running Man

Frozen Sean

No, its not the ubber cool dance in the 90s that I am referring to. Its my husband, the man who has run 2 marathons, one 50K and a 24 hour run while I was away, not to mention many other short races. His newest long run was the Twin Cities Frozen Half Marathon, which is apart of the Winter Carnival run along Sheppard Road in St.Paul. His biggest fans, Bailey and I, were out supporting him. Bailey was braving the cold with her super stylish winter coat. Yep, I went there.

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Sean and the Big Marathon…again

Tomorrow is the big day for Sean. He’s running the Twin Cities Marathon again this year. I am so impressed with his running ability, endurance and strength. I am also very excited as this is the first run I will actually be around to cheer him on.
So, Sarah, Tina, Casey (and maybe Ben) and I will be at the 7 mile, 16 mile, 22 mile and the end cheering our fabulous runners on. Paddy will also be at the 22 mile.
Thus far I know Sean is running, Jeff (the website master and Sarah’s beau), Jim Norton and Gabe. Go team!!!!

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What an excited last 2 days!
First off, Sean ran his 50K ultra marathon yesterday.
He did extremely well too. 30 miles is just super-human to me.
He placed 12th overall, wich is amazing.
Check out this site if you want to see more info:
He posted pictures as well. Nice job Seanster!!!!
12 Sean Danaher; 28 M Minneapolis MN 4:22:31 8:27
8:27, I don’t think I could do that for even a few miles.

Also, Pat and Merri were blessed with their new born baby girl, Ellamay Claire Ulman. This is the information they just sent out:
Date: 4.20.2007; Time: 9:24 a.m.; Weight: 6 lbs. 7 ozs.; Length: 18″

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