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Frozen Sean

No, its not the ubber cool dance in the 90s that I am referring to. Its my husband, the man who has run 2 marathons, one 50K and a 24 hour run while I was away, not to mention many other short races. His newest long run was the Twin Cities Frozen Half Marathon, which is apart of the Winter Carnival run along Sheppard Road in St.Paul. His biggest fans, Bailey and I, were out supporting him. Bailey was braving the cold with her super stylish winter coat. Yep, I went there.


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Home for the Holidays

Work of Art

It was great to be home for the holidays this year. I definitely missed it. It’s amazing though, how many things have changed. Again, just a reminder how life goes on.

We celebrated at my uncle Terry and aunt Karen’s new house. It’s beautiful….and huge. It butts up against the Lake Elmo Park Reserve and has enough room to hold the entire Moody clan comfortably. Did I mention that it has an elevator, monster screen TV, pool and hot tub. And, it’s not just any pool, lest you forget this is my uncle that owns the pool company. I got ‘the show’ with colored lights, waterfall, jets, spouts of water, and the piped in music throughout the entire house. So, Sean and I enjoyed ourselves. However, when we got out of the pool…..most everyone else was gone. Oops. It was a lot of fun.

So, things have started to change. Also, this year was the first year without my grandma Gerboth here. Yet, I am sure she was here in spirit and looking down with smiles as the family adjusted. She is missed terribly.

One thing that hasn’t changed was the great gingerbread house tradition my high school girl friends and I started they year before I left. Thank you Sarah for making them, Abby for the tasty food and hosting, Carly…for the silver ball memory that I will never forget; I had a blast. Yes, we ate way too much sugar, but mixed with all that wine… was a great night.

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Site Updated – Ooh, Lah, Lah

I’ve decided to change the site. Hope you like it. You can still view all old photos, blogs, comments. It’s all been copied over, except for the bookclub book reviews…they have moved to the bookclub site. Check out the page labeled “Favorites” on top.

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Innocent Girl Pied at Thanksgiving Dinner

A Face Full of Pie

None of the Moody family can say this Thanksgiving was boring. Although most of our family events aren’t ‘normal’, the pieing was a first. After the traditional candle-blowing and Polarode picture taking from grandma, the evening took a new twist when my aunt Carole pied me. That’s right, just like on TV when the unsuspeciting, innocent bystander turns the other way to get a face full of pie.

Don’t worry though, there was revenge, and it was sweet. Sorry to say the Ronsberg’s living room wasn’t as clean as it had started, but boy was it fun.

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Welcome to the world David Michael

This entry is overdue, but wanted to let all of you know I am an aunt again. Bob and Tracey had their baby, David Michael. Abby is the proud big sister.
He is so cute and is receiving all the attention he deserves. CONGRATULATIONS Bob and Tracey!

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Welcome Amanda….Congrats to you and Mike

Mike and Amanda are engaged!!!!
So, when you leave the country for two years, things change, babies are born, couples get married, and new people enter your life.
Amanda, my brother Mike’s fiance is one of those new people.
She and Mike met while I was gone and am so happy she is apart of our lives now. They are so happy together.
Check out Mike & Amanda’s Wedding Site
Congratulations you two!

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Off with the hair

No, it’s not a rat
Originally uploaded by beckydanaher

So, I cut off all my hair. I came back from Iraq with the longest hair I have ever had. With the absence of a great salon, like Juut, I just let it grow. I couldn’t bring myself to cut it all off when I got home, so I just got it styled. However, after almost three months I was so sick of getting it caught on things, getting it stuck under my purse, etc.
Off with the hair!
I went to Juut, downtown Minneapolis. I wasn’t even planning on donating my hair because I didn’t think I had enough. 10 inches is what it takes for Locks of Love. My stylist recommended it; however, it would mean taking off a few more inches than I had initially wanted. Take it!
When will I ever get this chance again.
I know there are many people who have done this: Tina, Luxmi, and many others….but I just felt so privileged to be able to give like that. It felt great. If you ever get the chance – I recommend it.
Here’s the website if you want to know more:

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The Dive, originally uploaded by beckydanaher.

Saturday morning was a little unusual for Sean, myself and 8 of our friends. We went skydiving…and we all made it. It’s something I have always wanted to do and who knew that we could get 10 of us to all go….especially on the last weekend of the year they have available.
We met in Baldwin, WI at 8am using Skydive Twin Cities (see previous blogs). The morning was brisk yet beautiful; the sky was clear.
The gave us the safety brief, legal overview (ie if you die, we aren’t liable), then we start suiting up. We went up in 3 planes, given there were 10 of us and 5 of us were going up with videographers. The first plane was Erin, Jeff, Casey (blue/yellow/green shoot) and Tina (red/yellow shoot). Due to the larger than expected wind gusts, they all landed in a field farther away from us. So, there aren’t as many photos of them landing.
The second plane held Trevor (multi blue shoot), Rebecca (orange shoot), Sean (red/grey shoot), and myself (white/red/black shoot). This plane also carried Rebecca’s dad and Erin’s dad…just for the ride up….and the nose dive down.
The third plane carried Phil (green/yellow/blue shoot) and Miles (red/yellow shoot).
What a blast!!! It’s worth the money, the nervousness before hand (for days), and the absence of sleep. We also got videos (Casey, Tina, Rebecca, Erin and I). Yes I screamed, no I didn’t pee my pants, and I still have all my teeth (the ones I started with anyway). Those are the questions I am getting asked.
I recommend it!
Thank you to all our fans that showed up to support us (Sharon and Dave, Christopher and his mom, Rebecca’s parents, and Sarah and Hank!)
To see our other photos, click on this one.
Others photos: Axner Photos < > Deitch Photos

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Halloween Fun

Originally uploaded by beckydanaher

After the big skydiving morning it didn’t seem right to have a normal Saturday. So, some of us decided to carve pumpkins. It’s been awhile, and we really were showing off our artistic abilities. We watched each other’s skydiving videos, roasted pumpkin seeds, developed our pictures, had a great dinner, and called it a night. What a day!

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Last Chance for Skydiving

Skydiving is a week away!!!
I just called to confirm and the following dare devils are signed up:
Tina/Casey, Rebecca/Trevor, Erin (Sean’s cousin, I think family will come to watch), Phil (getting video), Jeff (Sarah Sch. will be coming to watch), and Sean/Becky.
So, that’s 9.
If anyone else still wants to come, call ASAP. Also, if anyone is still wanting video of your jump, please ensure you call ASAP and let them know.
We are going to meet there at 8. (see or previous blogs)
Wear comfortable clothing….it can get cold that high up in Oct.
Bring your cameras.

I am so impressed by our friends and family!
See you there.

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