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Sarah’s Wedding

So, as many of you know, my friend Sarah S. Is getting married, married to the love of her life – Jeff. (not to be confused with the other Sarah and Jeff in my life). This couple are the happy parents of Hank – the uber cute, large dog in the wedding day 5K pics. I was asked to be a personal attendant in the wedding, which I am so honored. However, that position is a hard one to fill from across the country. So, I wanted to create this blog for her (and others if they wish) to communicate the detail of the wedding through the comments. I hope this works Sarah. I miss you and wish you efficiant, non-stressful, fun planning. Love, Becky

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Sharing the Fame

Star Tribune 2 Sep 18 2005

Star Tribune 2 Sep 18 2005,
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Here is the other pictures posted by the Minneapolis Star Tribune Sunday, September 18th, 2005.

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The Danaher Family is Famous!!

Star Tribune 1 Sep 18 2005, originally uploaded by beckydanaher.

If you checked the Minneapolis Star Tribune this morning, you’ll notice familiar faces and one cute hound on the front page. Crazy to think Minnesota’s best paper thought our new family was as interesting as Vang’s guilt, Coldplay and the new breakthroughs in digital mammography. I have included scanned in photos from the paper. (I hope this is OK with the Star Tribune). You can also see more pictures on page A21: The Wedding Day 5K (with myself and Becky Boland) and Making the Marriage Legal (Becky, Sean, Becky Boland, Mike Danaher and Pastor Denise Mosher). The article may also be viewed on the Star Tribune’s website:

I received a call about two weeks before the wedding asking if I would be willing to be a feature story for the Star Tribune. How can anyone really pass that opportunity up? We think your life is interesting and would like to put you in the paper…hummm..seems like a no brainer. So, Mark Brunswick (journalist) and Joey McLeister (photographer) came to our house before the wedding and interviewed our family. They also attended the 5K and the wedding ceremony. It was really nice working with both of them.

A few notes about the story, so as not to confuse or worry any of you:
1. My mom’s name is Connie, NOT Bonnie.
2. The military is NOT forcing me to stay in for another 6 years. My military contract is up in November and they are forcing me to stay in until the end of the deployment. However, it’s up to me to stay in longer than that.
3. To be technical, my unit is NOT a communications unit, it’s a brigade headquarters unit. My specialty is communications and that is the major roll I and my soldiers will be fulfilling in Iraq, but we also fulfill all other responsibilities headquarter company’s have.

Mark and Joey will hopefully be visiting me in Mississippi and Iraq. You may be seeing future stories on my progress and wellbeing. Thank you to Mark, Joey and the Star Tribune for the great article. – Becky

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Post Your Pictures for All to See

The website has been updated so everyone can load their pictures for all to see, especially me. When you click on “PHOTOS” from the top menu, you now have the option to click on “upload your photos”. We are using a site called FLICKR, but you do not really have to worry about that. Jeff has put directions on the site (once you click on “upload your photos” you will see this). They are pretty simple. If you wish to get more complicated you can add photos to your own SET (like folders), but you do not have to worry about that either if you wish.If you just want to view all the pictures others have uploaded, just click on “PHOTOS”, then “upload your photos”, then “friendsofbecky Flickr”. Then view away. You can make comments on pictures if your heart desires.

Jeff will browse the pictures uploaded every once in a while and pick the favorites to be put on the main “PHOTOS” page. Since there could potentially be 100’s of photos on Flickr, and we ca not have that many on the main site itself, he will just select the best to showcase. All photos can still be viewed though, just not on the main page.

Hope this helps.

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Becky and Sean

Becky and Sean
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Becky Danaher is not home right now. Instead, she is preparing her mind, body and soldiers for the upcoming deployment to Iraq. This site was created to allow her friends and family to communicate with her – no matter how many miles apart.

Becky is a fun loving young lady, who was recently married to the love of her life, Sean. Sean and their dog, Bailey, are anxiously awaiting her return.Thankfully, she and Sean are surrounded by a strong support group. The amount of love their friends and family have shown is incredible. Becky and Sean are forever grateful for their kindness.

Becky is also a newly promoted buyer at the Target Corporate office in downtown Minneapolis. This exciting position, as well as all her supportive co-workers also await her return.

This site is for family and friends, as well as Becky, to keep updated with upcoming events, stories, pictures and brilliant thoughts. Becky will communicate via this site as much as possible. Note, she is unable to communicate specifics about her mission, but will keep everyone posted as much as possible about her personal well being.

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