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Sean and the Big Marathon…again

Tomorrow is the big day for Sean. He’s running the Twin Cities Marathon again this year. I am so impressed with his running ability, endurance and strength. I am also very excited as this is the first run I will actually be around to cheer him on.
So, Sarah, Tina, Casey (and maybe Ben) and I will be at the 7 mile, 16 mile, 22 mile and the end cheering our fabulous runners on. Paddy will also be at the 22 mile.
Thus far I know Sean is running, Jeff (the website master and Sarah’s beau), Jim Norton and Gabe. Go team!!!!

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We have finally decided on a date for skydivingSATURDAY, OCTOBER 27TH
Earliest we can start is 8am, which is when we should meet (at the place).
Location: this is actually located about 20 miles into WI on 94.
“From I-94 take the Hammond exit (Exit 16); Go north on CR-T for 1.5 miles, turn right on CR-J; follow for 2.18 miles, we’re on the left hand side of the road.”
We have a short training, then jump.
If the weather is poor we wait for a bit to let it clear up.
FYI: 5 or less people can go up in the plane at a time.

If you are going:
Call 1-800-SKYDIVE or 715-684-3416
You have to call at least a week ahead of time.
Give credit card to hold the reservation, $50 for cancellation.
Tell them you are jumping with “Becky”. That is our group.

If you want a video and photos of the jump let them know.
Its about $99 for that additional package.

Bring ID, weight limit is 240 lb.
Wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothes. It may be colder in Oct so bring a long sleeve shirt (and pants). Jumpsuit will be worn over it.

Tandem Jump on the weekends $199. We don’t actually pay until you jump.
(if we get at least 10 people its $10 less per person)

Location: this is actually located about 20 miles into WI on 94.

Do you dare to jump?
Please let me know when you sign up.

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Pictures from Europe

Neuschwanstein Castle
Originally uploaded by beckydanaher

I finally posted the Europe pictures to the Flickr site. It was a little difficult since we took 1,000 photos and vidoes. So, you are seeing the best of the best. Also, when you click on this photo, it brings you to the other pictures. Note you are seeing them in reverse; I did put comments on most of them though.
We are back. It was a lot of fun. 2 1/2 weeks is a great amount of time to visit Europe for the first time. We had all our hotels and transportation booked in advanced; we had to in order to see all these places in the amount of time given.

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SKY DIVING INFORMATION: SWEET!!!!!Please respond ASAP to let me know when you can go, so we can make a group reservation. I forgot who has told me for sure they are up for it, so you all get the info. If I am missing anyone, please let me know.

I sent an email to the Becketts, Nielen’s, Axners, Deitch’s, and Kohlers. Anyone I misses or who wants to join us, please let me know ASAP with available dates (see below).

1-800-SKYDIVE or 715-684-3416,

WHAT: For first timers, the least amount of $, and so as not to spend all day there, they recommend: TANDEM – “A way to experience the thrill of freefall and an exhilarating canopy ride… with only 10 minutes of instruction! Jumping from 10,000′ to 13,000′, you, attached to your specially trained tandem master, experience the joy of freefalling through the air for over 60 seconds! The tandem master then pulls the ripcord and both of you fly the parachute back to the dropzone for a soft, on-target landing in front of your friends and/or family.”

I need to know what days are free of the following:
Sat or Sun Sept 29/30th
Sat or Sun Oct 20/21st
Sat or Sun Oct 27/28th
We would go earlier in the day and they said plan for about a 1/2 a day.

COST: Tandem Jump on the Weekends $199
Five or more people, $5.00 discount per person.
Ten or more people, $10.00 discount per person.

If the weather is bad, we reschedule at not cost.
If you cancel its $50 per cancellation (canx on their part due to weather is at not cost and we reschedule)

Maximum Weight 240 lbs.
Video available, please request at time of reservation.

I hope you haven’t lost the nerve……..It will be exciting.

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Amsterdam to Germany

First off, the kezboards in Germanz have the y and z mixed, plus manz more letters.
We are here in Boppard, Germany on the Rhine River, and it’s gorgeous. The train here was interesting since we had a few tranfers…with signs and announcements mostly in German. I forget when I look around that I am looking at German and don’t understand anz of it. (damn z and y) ahhh.
It’s amayinglz quiet here compared to Amsterdam.
The shopping was great…or the style was awesome, prices through the roof. Still fun to look at and buy once in a while.
The food, especially late nice desserts are great.
Now, off to enjoz Germany.

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London to Amsterdam

We are happy to report London and Amsterdam are both Fabulous!
We left Dublin for our first night of looong travels. It was fun though riding on the ferry, which was huge, had shops, places to eat and play on the ship. Midnight we left the boat (this is now Sean’s birthday) and spent the next 8 hours in the train station, awaiting our train to London. It was interesting to say the least.
Once we got to London, we went out to the Soho area, including Chinatown. We ate at a great Indian restaurant. Yum.
London was busy, very cosmo. We took a bus tour, which brought us to the see Big Ben, the London Eye, Parliment, went into see the London Tour, Hyde Park, and oh so much more. I did some great shopping at Picidilly Circus and we went to see Wicked. That’s right, and it was so enjoyable.
We are now in Amsterdam. Hee-hee.
Last nigh we arrived and spent a fun filled day walking around seeing all there is to see. We witnessed the Red Light District last night and today may even see the Sex Museum. Ohh lah lah.
Ok, we’re off.
Thank you for the birthday wishes.

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Arrival in Europe

Hello Everyone,
We are here in Galway, Ireland. It took us quite some time to get here. First, with the president being in town, the flight was delayed. However, this was all after finding out our flight was canceled, which meant we had to reschedule with a different airline an fly directly to London, with a connection to Dublin. The cool part was while we were at the London airport, we took the train to downtown and walked around for a few hours. We strolled around Buckingham Palace, through the Hyde park, and a bit ‘O shopping. In the Gattwick airport in London, right when we were about to go through security, the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the area, then start over.
However, we made it. Well over 24 hours without sleep. We checked in a little later (9pm) to the hotel in Dublin, which meant we got the last room available, the ‘Tower Suite’. This, although grand sounding, was actually a conference room converted – very odd, we took pics.
Trinity College, which is in Dublin, is gearing up to start in a week or so, so there are many college student out and about. Our time in Dublin was cut short because of the flight situation, so we are going to plan in a little extra time there on the way out (tomorrow).
So, we stayed the night in the conference room, then got up early to have a Traditional Irish Breakfast (lots of meat, a hard egg, and something new which they call pudding – we are unsure what it is, but it’s tasty). The train was about 3 hours, and now we are in Galway, Ireland. We walked around all yesterday and took a boat cruise this afternoon. Its beautiful here. It reminds me a lot of MN.
This is the first of our Internet Cafe visits. Axners, the connector didn’t work, we have the wrong size card (so no pics posted…yet).
We both have new Irish wool sweaters…oh lah lah.
Now we are off to buy conditioner (the hotels do not have those in Europe – that we have seen thus far). More later – Becky & Sean

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Stillwater High School ’97: 10 Year Reunion

This last weekend I went to my 10 year high school reunion. I know, I can’t believe it either. I went through the whole; what to wear? will I remember people? will they remember me? But, it was so much more enjoyable than I had imagined.
There were 4 different events over a 2 day period. I went to the picnic on Saturday afternoon and to Brine’s restaurant Saturday night. Abby Dean (Brine) and I went together as Paul (her husband) was out of town. Oh, and we brought Alex, her adorable son, to the picnic. We met Ed and Carly for dinner between the two events – Mexican at Acapulco in Stillwater.
It was quite fun considering most of the people we hung out with in high school were at both events. Many of our friends brought their wives, husbands, kids (to the picnic, not the bar). It was a shock to see some friends with 3 kids, mostly because I am in a different part of my life, but fun to see our friends transformed into moms and dads.
There were many people who had been checking this site while I was gone. It was so nice to hear all the “welcome home”s and receive all the support. Thank you!
We really did graduate with a lot of bright, fun, caring people. I look forward to the next one….hopefully time won’t go by too fast in the meantime.

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Originally uploaded by beckydanaher

We have returned from our grand adventure to CA with our friends Tina, Casey and Ben. Casey’s family hosted us (for the 3rd year) up at their cabin, approximately 4 hours north of San Fran. Casey’s mom (Barbro), dad (Bill) and sister (Linnea), joined us for our stay.

This year was a little busier than previous (last year I was obviously not there). We started out by eating Pho at a Vietnamese restaurant in Berkeley, on our way up Friday night. Saturday we spent a great day on the river (swimming, jumping off the rope swing, etc.) and eating Barbro’s delicious food.

Sunday we did a bit of shopping (I bought a new purse) and then we hiked around Castle Lake to the beach on the far side. From there we swam across the lake (further than I have ever swam) in order to jump from the cliffs. This was about a 30-40 ft jump. It reminded me of the good ‘ole Talyor’s Falls cliff jumping days – I did NOT trip and belly flop this time.

The next day we climbed the ‘dome’. It was a 3 mile hike up the mountain, and a scarier climb to the very top. This picture is from the top; you can see Mount Shasta in the background. Tina and Ben are there in spirit (we don’t have a picture of the entire gang from this year). The scariest part is the flat surface you have to climb over that drops off the side of the mountain…, ensure you have a good grip and a boatload of confidence.

The last full day we went to Sims (Simms). Its another area of the river where we swam, jumped from lower distances, and soaked up the rays.

We spent more time working out this year than before. There were runners in the morning, walkers in the morning and night and even a few circuits were being done. What a fit crew. Before we got on the plane, we stopped for some authentic, yummy burritos downtown San Fran – good call Linnea.

A few other random notes:
We missed the Axners A LOT!
We now all have our own Patronus’s (Otter, Horse, Koala Bear, Coyote, Puma and Owl).
Ben’s head is just fine, although his stomach always needs filling.
And, we should go back to ‘lay more puzzle’ soon.
(click on this picture to see more)


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We are keeping ourselves busy planning our Europe Adventure ’07. The packs are bought, the packing list made, and tickets booked. Now it’s last minute things we really need to do. While we are finalizing some things, we are pretty much ready to go. We have learned so much already; like the Europass doesn’t cover England, some hotel nights aren’t necessary since we will be traveling overnight, and much more.
Click in the ‘Continue reading EUROPE ADVENTURE’ for our schedule.

Here is our packing list. Although I have been traveling for the last month or so, it was of a different nature. I know Jessica and Mike just got back from Ireland. Please comment if you have suggestions.

Download Packing List

Here’s the plan (August -> September):
21st: Leave Minneapolis
22nd: Arrive in Dublin (1 night)
23rd: Leave Dublin for Gallway (2 nights)
25th: Leave Gallway for London, travel the night of the 25th to include a Ferry to Holyhead across the Irish Sea.
26th: Arrive and stay in London – Sean’s Bday (2 nights) – Shakespeare play, much site seeing, museums
28th: Leave London for Amsterdam, to include a Ferry across the North Sea – Anne Frank’s house, museums, cafes
30th: Leave Amsterdam for Boppard Germany (2 nights) – Rhine Valley
1st: Rothenberg Germany (2 nights) – castles, town
3rd: Garmisch Germany – 2 Year Anniversary (4 nights) – castles, Switzerland/ Austria tour, Eagle’s Nest, Hiking/climbing
7th: Leave for the US from Munich, Germany

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