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The Sweetest Place

Sweetbriar, CA. Its a vacation in the truest sense of the word. Its the type of vacation where you spend all day in your swimming suit, sitting in the sun, and deciding when to eat and then, when to eat again. We have been blessed in knowing Tina and Casey, being able to go to the cabin where Casey’s father grew up. Its the type of place where you spend all your time on the deck, you sleep in the open air, smell the fresh breeze and hear the spring water from the Sacramento River.

This year it was the whole clan: Ben, Trevor, Rebecca, Tina, Casey, Sean and me. We spent our time swimming for the most part. Sean ran every morning and covered over 50 miles of great terrain. We swam up the currents at Sims and jumped off the rocks. We even spent a day at Castle Lake. Its a serene place; the landscape is beautiful. We jumped off the huge cliffs, swam all around, hiked, and stopped by the fish hatchery on the way back. Usually we to into town (the smallest town). We ate a delicious Laotian Dinner, one of the top 10 in my book.

We spent a week there. Casey’s parents joined us for the weekend. We are fortunate enough to eat her yummy Swedish meals almost every night. We are so thankful the Becketts keep inviting us back. Everyone should have a Sweetbriar.

On the way back to San Fran to catch our flight we stopped at a sushi place and had some of the best sushi Iwehave ever had.

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