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It was great to be home for the holidays this year. I definitely missed it. It’s amazing though, how many things have changed. Again, just a reminder how life goes on.

We celebrated at my uncle Terry and aunt Karen’s new house. It’s beautiful….and huge. It butts up against the Lake Elmo Park Reserve and has enough room to hold the entire Moody clan comfortably. Did I mention that it has an elevator, monster screen TV, pool and hot tub. And, it’s not just any pool, lest you forget this is my uncle that owns the pool company. I got ‘the show’ with colored lights, waterfall, jets, spouts of water, and the piped in music throughout the entire house. So, Sean and I enjoyed ourselves. However, when we got out of the pool…..most everyone else was gone. Oops. It was a lot of fun.

So, things have started to change. Also, this year was the first year without my grandma Gerboth here. Yet, I am sure she was here in spirit and looking down with smiles as the family adjusted. She is missed terribly.

One thing that hasn’t changed was the great gingerbread house tradition my high school girl friends and I started they year before I left. Thank you Sarah for making them, Abby for the tasty food and hosting, Carly…for the silver ball memory that I will never forget; I had a blast. Yes, we ate way too much sugar, but mixed with all that wine… was a great night.


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