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Welcome to the world David Michael

This entry is overdue, but wanted to let all of you know I am an aunt again. Bob and Tracey had their baby, David Michael. Abby is the proud big sister.
He is so cute and is receiving all the attention he deserves. CONGRATULATIONS Bob and Tracey!

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Welcome Amanda….Congrats to you and Mike

Mike and Amanda are engaged!!!!
So, when you leave the country for two years, things change, babies are born, couples get married, and new people enter your life.
Amanda, my brother Mike’s fiance is one of those new people.
She and Mike met while I was gone and am so happy she is apart of our lives now. They are so happy together.
Check out Mike & Amanda’s Wedding Site
Congratulations you two!


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Off with the hair

No, it’s not a rat
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So, I cut off all my hair. I came back from Iraq with the longest hair I have ever had. With the absence of a great salon, like Juut, I just let it grow. I couldn’t bring myself to cut it all off when I got home, so I just got it styled. However, after almost three months I was so sick of getting it caught on things, getting it stuck under my purse, etc.
Off with the hair!
I went to Juut, downtown Minneapolis. I wasn’t even planning on donating my hair because I didn’t think I had enough. 10 inches is what it takes for Locks of Love. My stylist recommended it; however, it would mean taking off a few more inches than I had initially wanted. Take it!
When will I ever get this chance again.
I know there are many people who have done this: Tina, Luxmi, and many others….but I just felt so privileged to be able to give like that. It felt great. If you ever get the chance – I recommend it.
Here’s the website if you want to know more:

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