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We have finally decided on a date for skydivingSATURDAY, OCTOBER 27TH
Earliest we can start is 8am, which is when we should meet (at the place).
Location: this is actually located about 20 miles into WI on 94.
“From I-94 take the Hammond exit (Exit 16); Go north on CR-T for 1.5 miles, turn right on CR-J; follow for 2.18 miles, we’re on the left hand side of the road.”
We have a short training, then jump.
If the weather is poor we wait for a bit to let it clear up.
FYI: 5 or less people can go up in the plane at a time.

If you are going:
Call 1-800-SKYDIVE or 715-684-3416
You have to call at least a week ahead of time.
Give credit card to hold the reservation, $50 for cancellation.
Tell them you are jumping with “Becky”. That is our group.

If you want a video and photos of the jump let them know.
Its about $99 for that additional package.

Bring ID, weight limit is 240 lb.
Wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothes. It may be colder in Oct so bring a long sleeve shirt (and pants). Jumpsuit will be worn over it.

Tandem Jump on the weekends $199. We don’t actually pay until you jump.
(if we get at least 10 people its $10 less per person)

Location: this is actually located about 20 miles into WI on 94.

Do you dare to jump?
Please let me know when you sign up.

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Pictures from Europe

Neuschwanstein Castle
Originally uploaded by beckydanaher

I finally posted the Europe pictures to the Flickr site. It was a little difficult since we took 1,000 photos and vidoes. So, you are seeing the best of the best. Also, when you click on this photo, it brings you to the other pictures. Note you are seeing them in reverse; I did put comments on most of them though.
We are back. It was a lot of fun. 2 1/2 weeks is a great amount of time to visit Europe for the first time. We had all our hotels and transportation booked in advanced; we had to in order to see all these places in the amount of time given.

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SKY DIVING INFORMATION: SWEET!!!!!Please respond ASAP to let me know when you can go, so we can make a group reservation. I forgot who has told me for sure they are up for it, so you all get the info. If I am missing anyone, please let me know.

I sent an email to the Becketts, Nielen’s, Axners, Deitch’s, and Kohlers. Anyone I misses or who wants to join us, please let me know ASAP with available dates (see below).

1-800-SKYDIVE or 715-684-3416,

WHAT: For first timers, the least amount of $, and so as not to spend all day there, they recommend: TANDEM – “A way to experience the thrill of freefall and an exhilarating canopy ride… with only 10 minutes of instruction! Jumping from 10,000′ to 13,000′, you, attached to your specially trained tandem master, experience the joy of freefalling through the air for over 60 seconds! The tandem master then pulls the ripcord and both of you fly the parachute back to the dropzone for a soft, on-target landing in front of your friends and/or family.”

I need to know what days are free of the following:
Sat or Sun Sept 29/30th
Sat or Sun Oct 20/21st
Sat or Sun Oct 27/28th
We would go earlier in the day and they said plan for about a 1/2 a day.

COST: Tandem Jump on the Weekends $199
Five or more people, $5.00 discount per person.
Ten or more people, $10.00 discount per person.

If the weather is bad, we reschedule at not cost.
If you cancel its $50 per cancellation (canx on their part due to weather is at not cost and we reschedule)

Maximum Weight 240 lbs.
Video available, please request at time of reservation.

I hope you haven’t lost the nerve……..It will be exciting.

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