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London to Amsterdam

We are happy to report London and Amsterdam are both Fabulous!
We left Dublin for our first night of looong travels. It was fun though riding on the ferry, which was huge, had shops, places to eat and play on the ship. Midnight we left the boat (this is now Sean’s birthday) and spent the next 8 hours in the train station, awaiting our train to London. It was interesting to say the least.
Once we got to London, we went out to the Soho area, including Chinatown. We ate at a great Indian restaurant. Yum.
London was busy, very cosmo. We took a bus tour, which brought us to the see Big Ben, the London Eye, Parliment, went into see the London Tour, Hyde Park, and oh so much more. I did some great shopping at Picidilly Circus and we went to see Wicked. That’s right, and it was so enjoyable.
We are now in Amsterdam. Hee-hee.
Last nigh we arrived and spent a fun filled day walking around seeing all there is to see. We witnessed the Red Light District last night and today may even see the Sex Museum. Ohh lah lah.
Ok, we’re off.
Thank you for the birthday wishes.

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