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Stillwater High School ’97: 10 Year Reunion

This last weekend I went to my 10 year high school reunion. I know, I can’t believe it either. I went through the whole; what to wear? will I remember people? will they remember me? But, it was so much more enjoyable than I had imagined.
There were 4 different events over a 2 day period. I went to the picnic on Saturday afternoon and to Brine’s restaurant Saturday night. Abby Dean (Brine) and I went together as Paul (her husband) was out of town. Oh, and we brought Alex, her adorable son, to the picnic. We met Ed and Carly for dinner between the two events – Mexican at Acapulco in Stillwater.
It was quite fun considering most of the people we hung out with in high school were at both events. Many of our friends brought their wives, husbands, kids (to the picnic, not the bar). It was a shock to see some friends with 3 kids, mostly because I am in a different part of my life, but fun to see our friends transformed into moms and dads.
There were many people who had been checking this site while I was gone. It was so nice to hear all the “welcome home”s and receive all the support. Thank you!
We really did graduate with a lot of bright, fun, caring people. I look forward to the next one….hopefully time won’t go by too fast in the meantime.


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