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To My Grandma Gerboth, with Love Always

If you haven’t heard, last week my Grandma Gerboth passed away.
I wasn’t going to write about this, being it is personal, and I was still dealing with my emotions. However, I realized this is my main form of communication to those I love at home, those I care about, and those that care about me.
It was difficult to hear, think about, and go through the emotions here being a soldier, at war, 24 hrs a day. However, I do have some great people here who care about me an aweful lot, so know I am taken care of on this end. I know there is a lot of situations here where soldiers have to mourn those lost; I do, however, feel it’s really hard to deal with a lost one at home because I am not grieving and mourning with family.
So, without going into the sad details, I would like to share with you a letter I wrote the day I heard of grandma’s death.
Perhaps it’s too personal, but I need to share the great memories that I will hold in my heart forever.

Today I found out you are no longer at home,
which brings on a sadness I have never known before.
This means, however, you have moved on from this world
and are in heaven, where you have prepared your life to go.

Grandma, thank you for the great times.
Thank you for teaching me through your actions
how to be a loving, caring, fun person.

Here’s to the late night sleepovers with Jessica,
to teaching me how to play Dominoes (the right way),
to the crazy dress up sessions,
to the “I love you more” competition on your refrigerator,
and so much more.

Thank you for the support and love you gave through your letters.
I have missed you for two years, and now I carry you in my heart.
Thank you for coming to watch over me.

Your Granddaughter,
Love Always,


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Home again, home again, jiggidy jig

Soon enough I will be home again.
I know I am excited, but my brain just won’t let it turn that emotion on yet. I think it’s pretty smart because it’s been tricked before. I am not sure it will really sink in until I am on the plane, or actually in the states.
I wanted to at least give you an idea of what is going on for my new and improved home life, when I do arrive there. There are many adventures planned for Team Danaher (Sean and myself).
We are heading to CA with the Becketts and Ben the first week in Aug. Sean and I are going to Europe 21AUG through 7SEP (this will be over Sean’s birthday and our anniversary). Oh, if I haven’t told you, we plan to fly into Dublin, spending a few days in Ireland, then to London, to Amsterdamn, then the last week in Germany. YAHOO!!!!!
Besides these great adventures, we will be skydiving one of the days with the group, the daring, adventurous group. We will also be spending time at the O’Connell Family Cabin, swimming, having a great time. I am also planning time for the Axner cabin and a weekend in Madison. And…..Sean and I have our 10 year reunion in Aug, not to mention I would love to watch my fellow soldiers run the Twin Cities Marathon (not sure if Sean is running it this year).
This all seems like a lot, but I have so much to catch up on.
I will return to Target by October at the lastest. They have been a great supporter, and I will head in for a few days just to say hi and thank you before I start.
So, those are the big plans thus far. As more is set in stone…I’ll keep you informed.

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