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I was going to write this in an attempt to update everyone on the ‘goings-on’ at home. However, you are there; I am here, and you probably know more than me. There has been a lot of big news from home, and many of you don’t always chat with each other so here goes.I did report on Bob and Tracey’s baby before. Mom says they should know if it’s a girl or boy soon. Abby must be so excited.
The other large piece of news is the upcoming weddings. I am hesitant to blog news right away because it doesn’t allow the party involved to spread the good news personally. I think it’s been enough time.
Paddy is engaged! I am so so so happy for her. Kevin, this wonderful man I have yet to meet, proposed. It’s such a great thing.
Also, the O’Connell side of the family is new owners of a cabin, up near Taylor’s Falls, on the WI side. Yahoo! A cabin in the family is going to be a blast. My boss here used to live up in that area and says the lake its on is really nice.

The other big news – Steve is engaged to Katie. That news was announced to the family a little while ago. I don’t know a lot of those plans, but I am happy for them.

My cousin Jennifer had her baby – Jane Ayla is so cute and looks just like her mommy. Anne and Brett are getting married soon. Kelly and Adam have moved to Ohio. Casey and Renee had there First Communions. Ellamay is born to Pat and Merri. Grandma and Grandpa O’Connell have a new home. Abby, Paul and Alex have a new home in Stillwater. Mary should be graduating college this spring. Casey and Sarah are graduating from law school. And, Sean and Ben are running their 24 hour race at the beginning of June.

I want to take a minute to reflect on some very strong women I know. They have been through, are going through, and have ahead of them some rough times. Colleen, Maureen and Rhonda, my thoughts and prayers are with you. May you find strength in yourself, God, and those around you and live life to the fullest with each and every day.

Everything at home continues, and overall things have been good; growing, healing, loving and new birth. Coming home will be fun. In my head I think I believe time stood still for 2 years, but in fact it’s moving faster than I every remembered. A wise woman once told me the speed of time goes by relative to your age: at 5 its 5 mph, at 20 its 20 mph, and at 50 its cruising pretty darn fast. So, turn up the jamming music, put your arms in the air, and enjoy every second.

And although this doesn’t compare to the other big news above, it’s still exciting – Sean and I now have central air. Yahoo!!


May 8, 2007 - Posted by | Family

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