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Pass was a success

Hookah bar/cafe, originally uploaded by beckydanaher.

Happy April Everyone,
As promised, I posted several pictures from the pass I just returned from. The rest and relaxatoin the Army provided was absolutely wonderful. Where to start?
First off, it is in a different country, which I can now add to my repertoire. It was pretty much a resort for soldier to get away and have fun. So, that’s what I did. The base has so much to offer, especially to those of us from this base. Many other bases have coffee shops, pools and restaurants, so it’s not as completely awesome for others.
My day consisted of working out (working out meant Orange Julius afterwards), then swimming in the pool until we got hungry. Dinner was great because there were options. It wasn’t just the mess hall; they had a Chilis hah! There was also a Subway, pizza place and two other restaurants. And it didn’t even end there because there was still the night of three beers to look forward to. If you thought I was lightweight before….watch out Twin Cities.
Actually, it was just so nice to do what you wanted, when you wanted. I wore ‘civilian’ clothes for the first time since leave and even wore my hair down. I didn’t think I remembered what that all felt like.
So, that was a normal day. Two of the days, of 5 total, were spent on venues. We (the five of us in the picture) went on 2 venues; Dhow Cruise and a Cultural Tour. The first was a big wooden boat that took us out into the gulf. It stopped further out at an island where we were able to jump off the boat into the water. Yep, did the back flips and what not – all the crazy stuff we used to do off the diving board at Terry and Karen’s. Had to show up all the boys too. After swimming some we ate traditional food; lamb, chicken and rice. If we really were to eat ethnically we would have all ate with our hands….but not all are too keen on that one. It was so tasty. Then, we returned and took pictures next to that big pearl you see in the picture.
The other venue was a Cultural Tour. We went to the fruit market and the camel market (picture). I have a picture of two camels that moved simultaneously. It reminded me of the California Raisins Christmas special (Bob should remember this one). We went to two malls (very similar to home); I drank 2 Starbucks that day (I miss that so much). We also ate at a local restaurant. This was followed up by tea at the hookah bar. That’s what is depicted in this picture. Flavored tobacco out of a hookah is ….. an experience – lots of fun, relaxing, good company.
And, that is pass. I am back, safe and sound.
This was probably the best thing I have experienced the military do for the welfare of soldiers. I was impressed.
Oh, and I had 3 desserts at Chilis.
My roommate, Lachele, was unable to come with due to a very painful muscle virus she picked up a week prior which immobilized her. She held out until the night befor in hopes she would feel better, but she is just now getting over it. She’s so strong though and is recovering.


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