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Yes, what you are hearing is true.
We are extended. It’s all over the MN news, or at least it was….it’s funny how quickly the media moves on to something more exciting. Perhaps that’s not fair.
I can’t say too much on the website about timing. However, I won’t be making Anne and Brett’s wedding, but ideally will be home for Sean’s birthday, cross your fingers. After the denial, anger, depression, acceptance….I went through it all over again. But, now things have settled down. Soldiers have come to accept it and are now trying to make something of our time remaining. It’s no use in getting upset anymore. It’s not going to make it any easier or better, just miserable. So, Iraq…I am here to stay.
I appreciate all the support; Sean and I are going to need you more now than ever. I think it’s really tough on everyone…here and at home. But, a year from now I know I will appreciate every part of my life at home.
Please pray for us.

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