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So, There I was……the Camel and I

Hola, from Iraq
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I finally got the camel ride I have been waiting for. Five dollars at the market, what a deal. O.K., it wasn’t really a ride; the ride would have cost seven, but for five you can get up on the camel and stay there long enough for a few pictures. This is all I really wanted anyway. I posted a few other shot on the web.
Camels. I think I have posted in the past about the very interesting creatures. I would like to add to that how darn smelly they are. They stink! But, the locals were kind enough to put a clean blanket on for us. I guess sometimes you aren’t so lucky.
This little boy, and I believe his brother, bring their camel out everyday for rides, pictures, etc. Their family gets to take home the profits, which is just one very small way we are helping the people in this area. We have so many other large projects our soldiers are working on to help the people of this country. Some of them Jim Norton works with on a daily basis – Stillwater grad ’97.
Well, my goals are complete; I can come home. Hah! I wish it were that simple.


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