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So, here is the trailer, all decked out for the holidays. I posted a few other pictures for your viewing pleasure. So, that in the middle is our Christmas Tree Farm; it’s beautiful.
My collection of pictures is growing, thank you all. On the right wall are all my friend and family pictures, on the back wall are Sean and Becky pictures, against my wall locker are all the kids in my life, and on the ceiling is the picture the Soggy Bottoms Gang took on the jungle gym in CA.
No, I am not coming home for Christmas. That would not be a smart war plan, but I will be there in spirit. A few of us are going to watch White Christmas tomorrow night after attending a candle light ceremony at the post chapel. On Christmas there will be a large holiday meal, similar to Thanksgiving. However, everthing else is work as usual.
I have been holding off opening my Christmas presents. Sean, except those couple I already opened……oops.
Merry Christmas!

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