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Birthday Fun in the Desert

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. It was great to get all the emails, blog messages and gifts. I was sitting in my trailer last night thinking how this is the second year I have received birthday wishes this way….and the last.
My birthday was very nice and all my friends here made it special. The morning was pretty quiet, like any other day. Lunch time came around and I went to lunch with Crane like I do pretty much every day. I was going to participate in a going away pizza lunch, but was convinced to go to the chow hall. Lunch was normal, same stuff, same seating area, same same. About half way through I hear this ruckus from behind me – horns blowing and a large crown is making a scene in the back of the chow hall. For a second I thought it was so embarassing and started to take pity on the poor sole that was receiving this band of hooligans….until I relized…oh crap…they’re coming my way. I know these soldiers, these soldiers singing happy birthday, carrying cake with candle and each placing lays around my neck…each and every one. The entire room chimed in and sang…my face was beat red.
Beachem planned it and many were involved. It was all very sweet and well thought out. I then got to have lunch with everyone.
Later in the day, after Tae Bo, my team took me out for a dinner at the pasta place. It was so tasty, and I ate way too much.
What a surprising birthday. I feel fortunate to have people here and at home who care about me and my happiness.
Thank you everyone!


December 13, 2006 Posted by | Iraq Deployment | 1 Comment