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Change is Good….so they say.

They say change is good, but who are “they” anyway?
By the end of this week I will have a new job. I will be among the day-walkers and will have to leave my life as a vampire. That’s right, I will be seeing the sun and working days for the first time since I have been here.
I won’t lie, this makes me both excited and sad. It’s always so hard to leave what you know, what you have made efficient, and it’s always hard leaving beloved co-workers. There are quite a lot of benefits of working the night shift; public places aren’t busy, you have everything to yourself (telephone, internet, trailer, etc), and you don’t have to be around EVERYONE….
However, I am excited to see some people that I really haven’t seen for many months. I will get to eat lunch and dinner chow (which are the best and have the most options). And, I will get to spend time seeing the sun…during the coldest months here, so it’s won’t be so unbearable.
All in all, I know it will be just fine. There are so many worse things, and it will give me a change of pace that will hopefully make time go by faster. Can you believe that it’s almost Halloween? We joke that we will trick-or-treat as civilians this season – what ever it takes to get by.

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Becky and Billy Blanks

Becky and Billy Blanks, originally uploaded by beckydanaher.

So, who knew that all I had to do was come to Iraq to meet Billy Blanks. Billy Blanks and one of his instructors, Julieann Hartman, were here on base the 3rd and 4th of this month for their Mind and Body Tour. They lead 2 classes, met many people and had a great time.
As many of you know, I lead the Tae Bo classes here on base – have been since April, twice a week. I have been doing Tae Bo since leaving my karate classes to go to college. It keeps me in shape and maintains my muscle memory for kicks and punches.
Anyway, I attended both classes he held. That meant going to class, going to work, then back to class. It was intense. He is so full of energy and full of spirit. The classes were about 1 1/2 hrs long and very fast paced. He started out teaching the basics, then moved into an intense workout, cool down, then he had a question and answer period at the end.
He starts all workouts with a prayer, which I really liked. He is very spiritual and encourages everyone to find their higher power and use that to improve yourself and strengthen your core. He talked about separating yourself from your body, committing yourself to getting your body in shape. He also talked about how easy it is to give into your senses. Your senses will try and get your body to not do things, tell your body that it’s too hard or that you should stop. He wanted us to strengthen ourselves, with that, we can do anything.
So, needless to say I am very sore. Yikes. It’s like I felt after doing the original hour workout for the first time (Madison rommies and Sean know what I am talking about for sure). I feel great inside though. Meeting him was huge for me. I always wanted to go to LA and attend his classes. For me he was the one celebrity that I really wanted to meet in my life and, check and check, done. He even has my address here. He requested it to send some of his new videos. Hee Hee. Billy has my address.
Some have asked if he was wearing his infamous spandex. The answer is no, he has camouflage shorts that he wore with a tank top. That’s the skinny on his wardrobe. And he looks great, as you can see from the photo (a few more posted to my flickr site, click on icon). He is something like 50 years old and is incredible shape; it’s very inspiring.
So, that’s my brush with fame. It was GREAT!

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