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John Binkowski for Congress

Becky and Sean with the Candidate
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While on leave, I was privilaged enough to help campaign for our dear friend John Binkowski. John is running for Congress, District 6 – Independence Party. This is the district that many of our friends and family live in…hint hint.
John, Sean and I all went to high school together, and John also graduated from the University of Madison, WI – Go Badgers! Sean is John’s campaign manager and doing a great job. I am really impressed by what they have accomplished….I especially like their shirts…mostly because I got one. 🙂
I was able to join them in the campaigning at St. Cloud State’s Welcome Week. It was great to see both of them in action given it’s what they spend almost all their time doing these days. I know it’s difficult running as an Independence Party Candidate given there aren’t the set guidelines for running by a large party nor are there huge fund raising pots to dip into. But, I feel that makes John an even better candidate; he is real; he is not swayed by large companies giving money; and he’s one of us.
I believe in what John stands for and encourage you to vote in the upcoming election. It’s an important election and I challenge you to really look at all the issues and vote for the best candidate, not just on one specific topic, but the overall candidate and what he or she stands for. Voting is the best way to voice your opinion about what our government does or doesn’t do. And, thank you to those that have already supported John and his campaign by marching in parades, putting signs in your yards and donating money.
Check out John’s website for more info:

September 27, 2006 - Posted by | Memorable Times

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