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Overall the time here has been going quickly; I just hope that lasts. I have good people to be with and have learned a lot, but I am excited to come home. When I do come home for my leave, I will get the opportunity to see some of you, but not all. Of course when I get home for good I will see all of you, but this leave is short and I want to ensure to spend time with my husband for sure. So, please don’t feel I don’t love you because I didn’t get the chance to see you. Of course I am most excited to see Sean, family and friends…and Bailey, but it’s there are so many little things at home that I am excited for also. Such as:
o A solitary shower. One where I do not have to see many others or hear their stories (although some are very interesting) – not to mention being able to shower barefoot and not have to carry everthing to the shower with me.
o Choosing to wear what I wish. There are bonuses to not having to figure out what to wear everyday, but I am excited to wear something other than the 2 uniforms I can choose from.
o Green….seeing colors other than gray, tan and black. Sean said the garden was looking great, and I can’t wait to walk on the grass, smell the flowers and look up at trees. I think I am equally excited not to walk on rocks…sand and rocks.
o Sleeping when the sun is down. I think my body won’t quite know what to do, but I am sure it will figure everything out.
o Driving a car….watch out Twin Cities, it’s been a while and I miss driving the Honda.
o Traveling where I wish when I wish. I don’t have to put on body armor or carry my weapon. I can just decide to go and leave. I don’t have to tell anyone or get approval. What will I do?
o Not having to work everyday…..need I say more?

There are a few things though that I am used to and may have to convince Sean I am ‘too used to”, such as turning my laundry in and having it returned the next day all clean and folded, having omlettes made every morning if I wish, and being in control of all electronics, such as TV, music, computer (with the trailer to myself during the day). We’ll see about that one.

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