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The Girls at Their Best Originally uploaded by beckydanaher.

Happy New Year!

My friends threw a spectacular new years eve party. We ate, drank and did some things I won’t mention in this blog. Sean and I took many photos and videos of the evening. It’s great to have those here – to be able to see and hear my friends living it up. Plus, then I can watch Rebecca’s speaches over and over. 🙂
Sarah and Jeff were gracious enough to let us stay at their home; most of the gang spent the night. The dogs had a great time also: Hank, Cheddar and Bailey. Abby and Paul even brought little Alex. What a doll. It’s hard to imagine that so much will have changed by the time I get home – friends getting married, babies being born and babies growing up. I am going to rely on all of you to keep me updated. Pictures, pictures, pictures!


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