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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Day Everyone.
It’s a good day to be thankful. I am thankful for my great friends, loving family and the great support I have from everyone. Here is what you should be thankful for: a toilet that doesn’t require you to walk outside, the availablility for you to eat whatever you wish, and having all your loved ones close by – even if you don’t talk to them or see them everyday – you could if you wanted.
Thanksgiving here was nice. Many soldiers had the day off to join in on the festivities – parade, talent show and dinner. The dinner was real food too, turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing – yummmm. I worked, but dinner was brought to me.
I miss you all very much and can’t wait to see you (in less than 1 month).

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Who knew Mississippi was so cold?

My shift starts at 6am. I get up and report before the sun. I have my thermal top on under by uniform and wear it until the sun comes out to bless us with its warmth. It’s cold here in MS. Yesterday morning it was 28 degrees both here and in the Twin Cities. We don’t have snow though. They shut most everything down when it snows here. – Can’t handle it I figure. Around noon the air warms up a bit and it usually turns out to be a pretty nice day. Then the sun starts to set and the cold comes in again.
Sammy is going to send me an extra blanket for my bed. Thank you for your concerns for my comfort. I will be ok. If it wasn’t for being acclimated to the warmth – I’d be fine, and will be. I just know I will be freezing my behind off when I get home – Lots of warm drinks for me.

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I Love Mail! (MAIL LOG)

Thank you all for sending me letters, packages and pictures. It is my favorite part of the day and helps me get through this deployment. To help ease any worries to whether or not I received your package/letter I am going to keep this blog of received mail and update it with comments. This way, you can see what I have received thus far and from whom. I won’t back-log those that I have already received, but thank you to all of you. I have responded to many of those in the ‘message’ tab.

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Target Withdrawal

I went to Target for the first time in almost 6 weeks. It’s a good thing too because I was starting to get the shakes from the withdrawal. It was sure nice – it really felt like I was at home. The store was in Hattisberg, MS – a P2004 layout (for all my Target friends). It’s amazing how walking into a store can make you feel at home. I know that’s the point – easy to find product, etc. but it was just like being in Stillwater again. I have to say it’s not nearly as nice as any MN store. They obviously are not following the POGs the way they should, and that just proves I will always be jaded whenever going into a Target for the rest of my life. No longer will I just experience the bliss of the Target experience; I will always analyze the layout, how well the team members follow HQ direction, etc. And, I did spend some time looking at toy risers (additional shelves of product on top of the original product shelves – for the holidays). Ok, more than some time – I picked apart each item on each run. For those that don’t know – that was my last project at Target on the SWAT team. They do not follow the guidelines like they should, and it’s obvious. I would love to hear how the project went/is going in general. So, I hope to visit there again. Like most of the south, they love their Walmart, ugh. That place is even more disorganized and crazy than at home. But they sell their guns, ammo, cigarettes and fabric. And really, what more could anyone want. 🙂 Becky

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Red Bull Website

The unit has created a website for families and friends to see a little more of what we are doing here. Check it out.http://REDBULLWEB.COM

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In the Field and Loving it.

In the Field and Loving it.
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As many of you know I was in the field last week. It was great, really. We learned a lot and made the most of being out there. It is always nice to have a change of schenary. I realize I have been a blogging machine today, but thought I would take advantage of this opportunity when I can. Here is a picture of myself if full ‘battle rattle’. Good times. Not quite the camping you are all used to, but I still love it.

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Sarah’s Wedding

So, as many of you know, my friend Sarah S. Is getting married, married to the love of her life – Jeff. (not to be confused with the other Sarah and Jeff in my life). This couple are the happy parents of Hank – the uber cute, large dog in the wedding day 5K pics. I was asked to be a personal attendant in the wedding, which I am so honored. However, that position is a hard one to fill from across the country. So, I wanted to create this blog for her (and others if they wish) to communicate the detail of the wedding through the comments. I hope this works Sarah. I miss you and wish you efficiant, non-stressful, fun planning. Love, Becky

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