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Best Honeymoon Ever!

Becky at the Beach
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Well, what can I say besides the honeymoon was the best vacation I have ever been on. We were in Kaua’i, Hawai’i where the sand is abundant, the sun’s rays are always warm and there are palm trees everywhere. – Sounds a lot like somewhere else……

Sean and I had a blast. He took me snorkeling for the first time. I was so amazed by how colorful the fish were, and they are swimming all around you. I felt like I was in Finding Nemo. We also saw an endangered Monk Seal (1 of 20 around the island). Well, actually, we almost walked into one on the beach at night but were warned at the last second that it indeed wasn’t a large rock to climb on but a huge seal.

Like on most of our trips, we explored all our surroundings. We drove as far north as we could, then hiked around for a day. We also drove as far west as possible and saw some amazing waves and surfing. We swam at the various beaches on all sides of the island. Sean, the stronger swimmer, would bodysurf the larger waves.

We also did a our fare share of hiking. We hiked Sleeping Giant Mountain one morning (at least 1,000 vertical ft). Another day we spent hiking around the Waimea Canyon (approx 7 mile hike).

Don’t be fooled, we did spend a lot of our time lounging, sitting around the pool, which really can be the most exhausting days – all that work to order another umbrella drink and get yourself up to jump in the pool at least once and hour. Oh, perhaps go down the waterslide too or jump in the salt water lagoon.

The food was amazing, so we never stopped eating. We had fish tacos, fresh coconut shrimp, fabulous steak, Tai, Mexican, and we had to take advantage of room service. We also attended a Luau, which we loved, and how can you not with all the beautiful costumes, fire dancing, great food and all the mai tais you want.

Please check out a few more of the pictures we loaded of the honeymoon. Just click on this one and it will bring you to my Flickr account. From there click on the blue link that says beckydanaher towards the top right.A quick thank you to the Axners for watching Bailey. She has been telling us all about the cabin adventures with Cheddar. And, thanks to Michael for watching our home.

Mahalo, Becky

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