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The Change from Gerboth to Danaher

Sean and Becky
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You may have noticed that when you log into it now automatically sends you to Pretty cool huh? You don’t have to do anything different; both addresses bring you to the same site. Jeff Lin, the famous friend that created the site for us, thought it a better idea; one, because I will soon be Becky Danaher and we should reserve that site also, and two, because it it’s symbolic of the post wedding changes. What a smart guy.

Please note that I will not legally be changing my name to Becky Danaher until I return from Iraq. If any of you have been in the military, you will know that the name change would mess everything up – – pay, deployment papers, pay, uniforms, my soldiers would be very confused, did I mention pay?

So, letters to me should be addressed to SSG Rebecca Gerboth (not Danaher).

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